Lockdown: Vishwanathan Anand in contact with Indian Embassy, ​​expected to return from Germany soon – Lockdown: Vishwanathan Anand in contact with Indian Embassy

Vishwanathan Anand (stock photo).


Lockdown: Aruna and son Akhil, wife of India star chess player Vishwanathan Anand, are desperately waiting for him to return from Germany, but they understand that the government can bring those who need ‘more’ first. Anand went to Germany to play chess in the Bundesliga, but before his return, lockdown was implemented due to the Corona virus epidemic.

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Anand’s wife said that the Indian embassy is in constant contact with him and that he is doing well. He is currently near Frankfurt and was the online commentator on the candidates’ tournament, which was canceled midway through. Aruna said: “We hope he comes back soon.” They are okay The Indian Embassy is in contact with him. First flight starts and there are people who need more to return home first.

He said, “Son Akhil misses him.” He does a lot, but we must also understand that the child is also very over. ”