Gloss Labels Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 3% during the forecast period (2016-2024)

Labels have become a very important component for marketers nowadays, as they are not just about information anymore, but have become tool to attract the consumer’s attention and encourage sales. It is estimated that around 76% of shoppers make their purchase decision in-store at the shelf itself, which substantiates the growing importance of labels and packaging in today’s world.

Gloss label is a type of attractive label which is economical and practical choice for most labelling applications. Also, gloss laminates and UV coatings together protect a label’s inks from smearing. Furthermore, these labels are less costly in comparison to film and possess comparable durability and print quality and can stick to multiple surfaces like glass metal, paper and plastic. However, these type of labels are mostly suitable for indoor applications as outdoor environments can cause fading to gloss labels.

Gloss Labels Market Dynamics:

The gloss labels market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 3% during the forecast period (2016-2024). The growth in the gloss labels market is primarily driven by the growth in the Food and Beverage industry, as the companies in this industry are increasing their use of labels, along with several retail companies. Additionally, increasing number of small and medium-sized companies using labels in a rising number of applications along with increasing number of private-label brands further elevates the growth in the gloss labels market.

However, availability of cheaper alternatives like Matte labels together with continuous technological development in the labels market that can result in better and cost effective alternatives that can impact the demand in the gloss labels market.

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Gloss Labels Market Segmentation:

On the basis of material, the global gloss labels market is segmented into:

  • Paper
  • PET
  • PP
  • PVC
  • Rubber
  • Metal

On the basis of Application, the global gloss labels market is segmented into:

  • Wine & spirit labels
  • Food & beverage labels
  • Health & beauty labels
  • Cosmetic & personal care labels
  • Vitamin & supplement labels
  • Nutraceutical labels
  • Home décor labels
  • Barcodes
  • Others (Kid’s stickers etc.)

On the basis of product type, the global gloss labels market is segmented into:

  • Semi-Gloss
  • High Gloss

Gloss Labels Market- Regional Outlook:

Geographically, the gloss labels market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Middle East & Africa (MEA). Europe is expected to dominate the gloss labels market, as it accounts for more than 60% of global label market share. However, Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region, primarily driven by developing economies like India and China, where the label market is expected to grow significantly due to growth in the consumer packaged goods industry in the region as more and more people are switching to packaged food from fresh foods and also due to rising number of supermarket and hypermarkets in these countries.

The growth in the developing economies is also fueled by the rising demand in food and beverage industry, increase in purchasing power, changing lifestyle and rising middle class. North America is expected to witness an average growth rate in the gloss labels market. Furthermore, the label market in developed regions of Europe and North America is expected to be saturated therefore, the overall growth in the gloss labels market will be primarily driven by the developing economies of Asia Pacific, Latin America and MEA.

Gloss Labels Market- Key Players:

Some of the players identified across the globe in the gloss labels market are: Kustom design printing LTD, Online Labels, Inc., Laser Inkjet Labels, HERMA group, Future Packaging, Stick with Us, Consolidated Label Co, Avery Products Pty Ltd., Lightning Labels etc.

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