Depth Filters Market Rapid Technological Advancements During The Forecast Period

Global Depth Filters Market – Introduction

  • Depth filters are used to separate suspended particles or liquid droplets from a carrying fluid within the thickness of the filter medium. Depth filtration consists of a wide variety of different filter sheet media, which can be used for various purposes such as turbidity removal i.e. from coarse to fine particles, chill haze removal, polishing filtration, colloidal removal, and also for removal of microbial spoilage or reduction of microorganism (mold, yeast, and bacteria).
  • Depth filters are most commonly used in downstream bioprocessing, so as to separate cell debris, cells, and other colloidal substances. In addition, depth filters enable fine deposit removal with flexibility, so as to develop large filter cakes if needed.
  • Depth filters function through different ways of retention involving interception, sieving, absorption, and adsorption.
  • Depth filters normally constitute higher flow rates and loading capabilities compared to membrane filters. Additionally, with the use of depth filters, the filtration process are done  for large volume applications such as plasma filtration, essential oils extraction, water removal, and transformer oil filtration, due to the combination of fast filtration and high loading capacity.
  • Moreover, depth filters are widely used across different industries such as food and beverages, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology, owing to its capability of extracting solid materials from the liquids.
depth filters market

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Global Depth Filters Market – Dynamics

Key Drivers of the Global Depth Filters Market

  • Increase in production of large molecules and biologics, and rise in R&D expenditure in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals companies across developed and developing regions is expected to fuel the growth of the depth filter market over the forecast period.
  • Additionally, several benefits such as user friendly characteristics and low cost is expected to further boost the global depth filter market.
  • Rising need for depth filters in the food and beverages industry due to the use of raw materials used in the manufacturing process is one of the major factors driving the demand for depth filters.
  • Moreover, depth filters are used in the manufacturing process of pharmaceutical drug therapies, which is expected to boost their demand worldwide.

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