3D Printed Jewelry Market: Key Players and Production Information analysis

Global 3D Printed Jewelry Market: An Overview

The global 3D printed jewelry market report is an-depth analysis of upcoming trends, drivers, and economic forecast. 3D printed jewellery has quickly become the go-to option for consumers, thanks to myriad of customization options and personalised sense of ownership. The key players in the 3D printed jewellery market are 3D Systems, Argen, Autodesk, DWS, and Asiga. For players established in the fashion industry, the future period is expected to be challenging and promising for various reasons. The digital shift in the virtual space, and their ability to remain nimble is expected to remain key to growth in the 3D printed jewelry market. Despite the large size of various fashion-houses, the digital shift is expected to give edge to various new players and create a robust and competitive landscape in the near future.

Global 3D Printed Jewelry Market: Notable Developments

The brick and mortar store are experiencing an immense decline in the industry. The jwelery business has not remained immune to the development. For example, in the last 5 years, over 70 plus stores of Sierra-West Jewelers were closed in Salt Lake City. The company also reported that they witnessed a 20% uptake in the area in online sales. The new start-ups in the business are increasingly moving towards online business wherein customised, personalised jewellery and other options are offered to customers.

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A recently held fashion expo in Israel showcased jewels from 45 different artists. These artists included individuals of various faiths and came together to celebrate art with the help of 3D printing. They recreated various old-artefacts and jeweleries for the exhibition in a bid to attempt the next-to-impossible of recreating the past. Moreover, the event was also a celebration of various antiques that were key to understanding history and culture in museums. Such events and new possibilities in 3D printing are expected to drive lucrative growth for players in the 3D printed jewelry market.

Global 3D Printed Jewelry Market: Drivers and Restraints

The global 3D printed jewelry market is expected to witness major growth in gold jewelry sales. The jewelry is always popular, thanks to its attractive designs, and long-term value for savings. The recent decline in prices of gold in the global market is expected to drive significant growth for the market as 3D printing makes customizing a traditional jewellery a lucrative proposition. Additionally, the rising demand for shiny jewels which is casual and cost-effective is also expected to drive significant growth for the global 3D printed jewelry market. The lack of skilled labor continues to be a challenge in the jewelry business. Increasing training programs, and automation are expected to drive significant growth for the global 3D printed jewelry market.

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