Shearing Machine Market-Trends, Key Drivers, Forecast 2027

Shearing Machine Market – Introduction

Shearing machine is a type of tool with rotary disks or blades used as a multipurpose device for cutting alloys and hard metal plates, sheets, bars, or any other material into desired sizes. Shearing machine blades are made of strong high carbon steel that are used for shearing or cutting processes by applying abundant shearing force in which a sheet of metal is separated. Shearing is also known as die cutting, in which shearing machines melt or burn metal into sheets or strips with the blade fixed at an angle. The main function of a shearing machine is processing metal that uses one blade for reciprocating linear motion with another blade. Shearing machine is a type of forging machinery, widely used in automobile, aviation, metallurgy, light industry, chemical industry, ships, electric power, construction, and other industries to deliver complete machinery equipment.

Shearing Machine Market – Company Profiles


Established in 1990, XINGTAI REJUNBO is located in Xingtai city, with an area of 10,000 square meters. The company produces, designs, and sells various types of machinery and equipment that includes all types of shearing machines, and metal punching and bar cutting machines. Furthermore, the company’s products are widely used in many countries such as Egypt, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tunisia, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Nigeria, and Peru.

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Jorgenson Machine Tools, Inc.

Incorporated in 1967, JMT is involved in marketing, servicing, selling and supporting material handling products and metal working equipment, to offer customers a higher quality line of machine tools within a 30,000 square foot warehouse. The company is the world’s largest manufacturer of plate rolls and press brakes. JMT is also an optimum producer of fabrication metal equipment offering a wide range of structural steel and sheet metal, used in a number of applications such as bending, drilling, cutting, punching, positioning, shearing, and weld positioning.

Some of the key players operating in the global shearing machine market include Amada Group,
Durmazlar Machinery, HACO, Jorgenson Machine Tools, Inc., Xingtai Rejunbo Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Schubert Group, Scotchman Industries, Dreis & Krump Manufacturing Company, Baileigh Industrial, LVD Group, PRECI-SHEAR, Pull-X Machines, Adira, Betenbender Manufacturing, Cincinnati Incorporated, FINTEK INDUSTRY, and Longevity Durma.

Shearing Machine Market –Dynamics

Rising demand for fabricated metal products across the globe

The increasing global demand across the globe for fabricated metal products, which are used in transportation and construction industries is fueling the shearing machines market. The shearing process technique is used for making fabricated metal products by cutting or bending metal into sheets, plates, or bars. The process of building metal structures by bending, cutting, and assembling, so as to increase automation of manufacturing processes in small and medium-size industries by fabricated metal products. The manufacturing process not only increases profit margins of the industries but also has a positive impact on resource regulation across the globe. Moreover, the rising demand for fabricated metal products and other metal-based hardware products across the globe in different industries such as automotive, aerospace, chemicals, and marine is expected to boost the growth of the shearing machine market during the forecast period 2019- 2027.

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