Industrial Non-woven Materials Market Predicted to Rise at a Lucrative CAGR throughout 2018 – 2026

Industrial non-woven materials consist of crisscross, random, or parallel laid thermoplastic fibers that are bound together by using adhesives. They are used in a wide array of industries including automotive, textile, medical, and packaging for the purpose of insulation, filtration, and cushioning. They possess properties such as flame retardency, resistance to water and solvents, chemical and mechanical stability, stretch, softness, and strength.

  • Global Industrial Non-woven Materials Market: Overview

In terms of technology used, the global industrial non-woven materials market has been segmented into spun-laid, dry-laid, wet-laid, and others. The spun-laid technology segment can be sub-divided into spun-bound, spun-melt-spun, and melt-blown. The dry-laid technology segment can be sub-segmented into needle-punched, spun-lace, thermal-bonded, air-laid, and carded. Based on material type, the industrial non-woven materials market has been segregated into polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, nylon, polyurethane, and rayon.

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In terms of end-user industry, the industrial non-woven materials market has been classified into automotive, building & construction, manufacturing & industrial, electronics, insulation, footwear, personal care, packaging, and others. Automotive is the leading end-user industry segment of the industrial non-woven materials market. Industrial non-woven materials are employed in making interior and exterior parts of vehicles. They also contribute to light-weighting of the vehicle to improve fuel efficiency.

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Asia Pacific is the leading consumer of industrial non-woven materials across the world. The industrial non-woven materials market in Europe and North America are estimated to witness growth at a moderate pace during the forecast period. Growth of medical and health care industries in these regions is a major driving factor for the industrial non-woven materials market in these regions. Asia Pacific is estimated to be the rapidly expanding industrial non-woven materials market during the forecast period, due to high demand for industrial non-woven materials market from various end-user industries in the region. Latin America and Middle East & Africa are relatively small industrial non-woven materials markets and are expected to witness moderate rise in the demand in the near future.

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