3 Promising Trends in Smartphone Camera Lenses Market

Smartphones have become a popular photography tool and use multiple camera setups nowadays, in which some players are able to integrate three or more quads of cameras in one phone. In July 2018, around 42% of smartphones sold worldwide reported to the Korea Herald that they had a double or three-fold rear camera showing a greater tendency towards several categories of camera.

Technological innovations have deeply influenced the demand for smartphone camera lenses. Furthermore, incremental innovation in creating safety apps, such as smartphone facial recognition, generates strong demand for smartphone camera lenses that perform high-performance.

Here are 3 promising trends in the global smartphone camera lenses market:-

For their dual cameras function on mobile phones, the smartphones and tablet suppliers use Mpow Clip-On 180 Degree Supreme Fisheye Lens, a clip-on lens intended for nearly every camera lens. As a result, the demand for dual camera functionality on smartphones is growing and the camera industry is expanding.

Due to the wide range of inspection applications, the growing demand for wide and fisheye glasses is becoming progressively common in the smartphone sector. These lenses, combined with small sensing formats for which the lenses are designed, provide very low profile and small physical dimensions for the very compact cameras. A new ultra-width zoo lens, 17-35 mm F/2,8-4 Di OSD for 35 mm full-frame DSLR cameras, was introduced by Japanese-based Tamron in August 2018. The humidity and fluorine-resistant design helps improve the photographic experience of the user.

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Huawei, a Chinese-based smartphone firm, has introduced Android to let owners focus pictures after taking a double-camera technology. The function is introduced through the cooperation between the German camera maker Leica and the Chinese technology company.

Some key vendors in the global smartphone camera lenses market are CamKix, Olloclip, xenvo, and AUKEY.

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